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Le projet MEDNAME à Leeds

2 sessions liées au projet MEDNAME (PHC Van Gogh Poitiers-Utrecht) auront lieu au congrès de Leeds (1er-4 juillet 2019) dont le thème général cette année est : « Materiality ».

Names in sacred spaces: studying the intentions and effects of the act of writing one’s name-I: Constructing sacred spaces

Tuesday 2 July 2019: 09.00-10.30; session 545

Abstract: The session focuses on the relationship between written names and sacred spaces, exploring the role(s) that the act of naming as well as the physical action of writing names played in the construction of the sacrality of the space on which those names had been written down. Papers address names of both the saints and the faithful that are scratched (Paper A), carved (Paper B), or painted (Paper C) on sacred objects and sacred places, ranging from the epigraphic ‘relic-labels’ which identified the relics, to graffiti on church walls and the pictorial narratives in crypts of Romanesque churches.

Paper A. Carlo Tedeschi: “Hic fuit”. Scratching names on sacred walls

Paper B. Elisa Pallottini: Names and (instead of?) relics. The ‘materialities’ of saints’ names on epigraphic relic authentics

Paper C. Estelle Ingrand-Varenne: The Names in the Frescoes of the Crypt in Saint-Savin Abbey

Moderator: Julia Smith

Names in sacred spaces: studying the intentions and effects of the act of writing one’s name -II: Who is (not) named

Tuesday 2 July 2019: 11.15-12.45; session 645

Abstract: The session explores the meanings underlying the presence of names within, or absence from, the church and sacred texts. Papers focus on those individuals whose names were not written down or inscribed, or were removed (Paper A), and those whose names were put on the contrary in prominent positions, and were thus considered particularly worthy to be named (Paper B). The respondent of the whole strand will draw some conclusions on the different forms and references of names which may help us understand the intentions and effects of the act of naming and materializing names in sacred spaces.

Paper A. Marco Mostert: Beyond the pale. Those who were not worthy to be named.

Paper B. Annick Gagné: Inscribing the name of bishops in the church (France, 11th-13th).

Respondent: Janneke Raaijmakers

Moderator: Els Rose

Un workshop sur la taille de pierre intitulé « Romanesque Carving Workshop » mené par Thierry Grégor aura également lieu.

Tuesday 2 July 2019: 14.15-15.45; session 742

Abstract: This workshop aims to present the tools (from the mallet and the chisel to the tip and the pump drill) and the techniques of letter carving (hollow and relief), used by a stonecutter, specially during the Romanesque period. After a theoretical part dealing with the various kinds of stone, the preparation of a stones (roughing out, smoothing, tracing the ruling, preparing the letters) and the handling of the tools, the participants, provided with all of the tools, materials and safety equipment, can try to cut an inscription in a limestone.